Common Good Getting started
Scotland’s Common Good Fund A bundle of assets, land buildings and artifacts held in public ownership that are under threat by maladministration and the lack of public awareness.
The Precariat in the day to day
So what we want to look at in this program are a just few ideas around. What the precariat is, how we can trace it in the day to day, the past and more recent history.
“What is it with young people”
The vilification and scapegoating of the young in the neoliberal age
Community Work

Day to day struggle, movement building, connections, working together, solidarity, vision
Precarious Workers group Glasgow
Group set up to connect various workers whose jobs and lifestyles are effected by unstable work
LEGUP Dinner Nights

Hear from the popular Tuesday evening meetups
Detroit Connections
Rich Feldman talks about industrial and post industrial history of Detroit and the exciting projects, ideas and vision being created in the city through the Boggs Education Centre, Catherine Ferguson Academy, city farms and working class organisations
Community Connections

Making community connections to understanding how different issues affect what is happening around us
Occupy Glasgow

Update from the camp
*Introduction to Peoples Manifesto Project

A project running in Glasgow helping to consolidate community vision and activities towards a new civil society.
*Introduction to open source computing  (with music) 30: 00
OS program Without music 19: 52
*Glasgow parks and privatisation of Common Good
  37: 31
The Forum at Pearce Institute Govan
*Common Good and the possible impacts on community  26: 27
The Forum at Pearce Institute Govan
*Chat about Economics for ordinary people
  53: 14
The Forum at Pearce Institute Govan
*What’s the Reshuffle? 28: 35
Ideas behind the reshuffle event held by annually at the Pearce Institute Govan
Open Street Map in 3 Minutes  03: 05
Bob Kerr explains the Open Street Map, Suchiehall Street
Govan Walk 36: 35
John Couzin talking, recorded by Lucie Potter. Sound is windy but knowledge is good.


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